Tuesday, July 10, 2012

zero calorie simple syrup

What do you drink to beat the heat? These days there are a lot of low calorie or zero calorie drinks out there, but most of them are filled with nasty chemicals. If anyone tells you it is ok to drink diet coke or any other drink like it, then you may want to do some reading on what those "zero calorie" ingredients actually do to your body. There are countless articles you can read online. Here are a few:
Aspartame is not the only thing in diet cola that can kill you.
You are what you eat. You cannot expect to lead a healthy productive life if you are filling your body with toxins. So my solution to this is Stevia. It is a plant. Plain and simple. 100% natural and 100% ZERO calories. I like to make this simple syrup and add it to any fruit and water to make a great drink. Lemonade and Limeade are the ones I use most frequently. You can use club soda water with this syrup to make a nice spritzer. Enjoy!

Mint Simple Syrup
adapted from Curry and Comfort
Boil 1 cup stevia, 2 cups water and 6-8 mint leaves. 
Bring to a boil for 2-3. Allow to steep and cool.

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